Driveway Cleaning & Sealing in Taunton

Rejuvenate Your Driveway With Our Driveway Cleaning and Sealing Service.

Our administration is for both residential and business clients, an entire driveway cleaning and sealing service. Utilising the most recent innovation, our rotating level surface and high pressure cleaning machines can offer driveway cleaning for all hard paving surfaces.

In addition to our driveway cleaning we offer patio and block paving cleaning, and can also clean decorative style concrete areas and paths. Refurbishing your existing driveway, patio or commercial paved areas is a much more affordable way of providing a fresh start to your tired high foot traffic area. Whether you are looking for concrete cleaning, block paving cleaning, or tarmac cleaning, we can certainly help you to restore your driveway or patio to it’s highest potential condition.

Driveway cleaning is done by utilising high pressure washers and any chemicals important to take it back to its unique state. Driveway sealing will be offered as an alternative when you pick driveway cleaning from us.

For block paving, decorative concrete or concrete slab areas, the advantages are enormous, inhibitting weed development, lessen greenery and lichen and in addition averting oil recolouring and drawing out the shade of the driveway or patio. On driveways, the sealers will settle within the sand joints which will diminish surface movement of subterranean insect perversions.

For Tarmac and Asphalt, the Latexite Sealcoat tarmac sealers are an absolute necessity for securing and enhancing your paved regions. Not exclusively do they re-colour blurred Tarmac, they likewise fill little splits, cracks and crevices, preventing the entrance of water which when left unchecked can prompt bigger breaks and pot holes. Latexite Sealcoats will likewise offer impervious resistance to oil and chemical assault and hinder greenery and lichen development.


Whether your driveway is brick, block or tarmac, we can make sure it is well maintained, safe and visually pleasing.

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