UPVC Roofline Trim Product Installations in Taunton, Somerset

UPVC Roofline trim typically consists of fascia, soffits, bargeboards and cladding which combined form the area immediately below and around the roof and the eaves of your home in Devon. Traditionally these would have been made from wood, but for reasons ranging from durability and the British climate to regular maintenance costs these are now typically made of maintenance free UPVC Roofline plastic. All of our UPVC Roofline products are fitted to British Standard 8000-6, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your UPVC Roofline installation will be of the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

Fascias and Soffits in Taunton, Somerset


Our Somerset & Devon fascias are strong, well-built and attractive. The interlocking construction fascia and soffit installation of the fascia boards allows them to be securely fitted at a right angle to the soffits. They are durable, resilient and offer strong support for the guttering. You can choose classic white or one of our other natural looking colour choices to complement the appearance of your building.

Well-ventilated soffits in Taunton are important because they allow air to flow freely throughout the roof space and around timbers to prevent condensation build-up, a primary cause of rot in roof structure supports. We make sure our soffits are ventilated in full compliance with building regulations.

Guttering and Downpipes in Devon & Somerset


Well-made guttering and downpipes are vital to the longevity of your roof in Avon; guttering and downpipe repair when functioning properly they protect your home from water damage and keep it looking like new season after season.

Our Taunton guttering and downpipes are made with the most advanced materials, designed to stay strong and resilient for many years without the rust and cracking that traditional guttering and downpipes are known for.

When our guttering expert visits your home in Somerset, he or she will take accurate measurements and record all details regarding your guttering replacement requirements in order to provide you with an accurate, custom quotation for your project.

We will fit your new guttering with precision and attention to detail, taking care to install secure brackets and long-lasting seals. This will ensure the proper flow of water so you won’t need to worry about your home sustaining water damage due to blocked downpipes or overflowing gutters.

Bargeboard Installations in Taunton, Somerset


Attractive, high quality bargeboards add the finishing touch to your roof trim. bargeboard repair and installation. They also serve as a shield, protecting your home’s exterior from the damaging effects of harsh weather.

Our Somerset & Devon bargeboards are a good-looking and maintenance-free alternative to wood. Once you’ve chosen the colour that best complements your building, our roof trim experts in Devon will ensure a precise fit and secure the boards with high quality, durable stainless steel pins. Your new bargeboards are guaranteed to remain strong and attractive for years to come.

Cladding Repair and Fitting in Bridgwater


Once wood cladding has begun to decay and deteriorate, restoring and cladding repair and installation maintaining its appearance becomes an ongoing problem. Our high quality cladding is every bit as attractive as wood, but without the inherent maintenance difficulties.

Our cladding is made from durable, weather resistant materials and is virtually maintenance free. In fact, our white cladding has a life expectancy of at least twenty years.

The tongue and groove construction lends a classic look to your home. And cleaning is easy, requiring only the occasional wipe down to maintain a pristine appearance.

If your existing fascias, soffits or bargeboards are deteriorated, we can replace them to highest standards of quality and workmanship, leaving your home safe and leak free.

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